Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wrestler and Miss D.

1/20/09 09:46 pmI saw the Wrestler on Monday, it was good, but not as good as all the hype. I sat in the third row, which was too close to screen, so I sort of felt all the blood and punches and body slams and it made me squirm. Marisa Tomei was fantastic in it.

Though, in terms of movies of the year, I think Rachel Getting Married and Revolutionary Road were by far the best.

Monday I called D and we talked on the phone for three hours, three. I can't remember talking to anyone on the phone that much ever. We had hung out all night the night before too, I like it when I meet people who can actually carry a conversation. She said she likes talking to me because I'm the only person she knows who has sensible advice about men.
She said "It's like everyone else says 'oh it's okay he has a girlfriend he might leave her and it will turn into something serious.' but you you're like 'no, he's a douchebag, stop talking to him.'" She's been my friend since my first year of grad school. Talking to her is like group therapy.

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