Wednesday, January 7, 2009


At work yesterday the guys were talking about the lack of communication in relationships and girls being overly needy and emotional, I tried to argue that I knew men who could be needy and/or the one screwed over in relationships. This ended with one guy saying that Americans have shitty relationships because they lack communication skills and the other saying that women are far too needy in general in relationships.

One of the guys walked over to me and said "Yeah Adrienne, stop being so needy," and patted me on the head.
I turned around and said, "Do I really seem overly needy?" And raised my eyebrow at him.
He stopped and said "Actually...well..I don't know because you're not in a relationship, or maybe you're in a secret relationship we don't know about. But you seem like you would maybe need to be needy but you wouldn't ever let yourself be. Like you would very closed off and cold and never talk about anything because you wouldn't want to be vulnerable. Like you might be very hurt or angry, but you wouldn't show it, you would just bottle it all up and disappear for long periods of time."

I said, "Alright, that sounds much better to me."

I guess that was semi-accurate for someone who doesn't know me personally, I would hate to think that I come off as an emotionally needy person. Really, D is the only person I show my neurotic, insecure side to. But she's shown me the same ten fold, we're like in our own group therapy

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