Monday, January 26, 2009


1/26/09 05:27 pmI went to a 1920s themed birthday party in midtown on Saturday. I drank lots of wine and hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and fell asleep while waiting at the 34th street stop. Then I woke up, got on the F train, fell asleep again, and woke up at the last stop on the A train (the train turns into the A train if you don't get off and transfer.) I looked and my Zen player was gone, even though I have dozed off on the train plenty of times it's the first time someone swiped something off me. Why didn't they steal my credit cards too? Or cash? Probably the player was easier to grab.

The party was fun. A's friend James and I hung out in the corner drinking too much and made fun of this annoying man in a black turtle neck who shouted at James and then later tried to pee in the bathroom while A was still inside saying "pretend I'm just your big brother." I told James he seems like an uptight prick who is secretly an S and M enthusiast. James said, yes he would definetely be the less dominant one, he likes girls to walk on him in high heels. I said girls? No way he likes being demeaned by big burly muscled men. Some girl from Taiwan asked us what we were laughing about and I told her, I'm laughing at that douche bag in the turtle neck. Because she is foreign she was a bit slow to catch on and made it obvious who we were laughing at. So the man walked up to me and started yelling at me demanding to know what I was saying about him, telling me I was being rude. So I just lied and told him that she wanted to know how to say clothing articles in English and I had been telling her how to say turtle neck, and that we were talking about all the men in the room, not just him. He finally just said oh...okay...and walked away, while people looked at him in disbelief.

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