Monday, January 26, 2009

school.. when will I finally have my MA degree???

I am in a panic about school. It's complicated and dull but here's the gist of it: I finished everything for my degree this past winter, except for the language requirement. This however was only because you are required to take the course at another school and the school canceled my course section. I also registered for a course at my school and then dropped it the day before the first day of school so I could get a letter saying I was a fulltime student so I could register for the language course at a discounted rate. My school, unbeknownst to me charged me a 25% late fee for the dropped course resulting in a hefty bill I never paid off. My dad gave me a $800 check as a Christmas present to pay for school, but it's not enough. I can only either pay off the tuition bill from last semester or I can pay for the language course, not both. I am debating sprinting over to the bank and canceling the check I wrote out for the language course.

I could try taking out a loan, but I don't qualify since I don't have any classes left to take. I could wait until Spring and take the translation test in French but my french...n'est pas bien.

My best friend told me to drop out and go back to school in a year. But it seems so silly when I only have one no credit class left to take. I'm so annoyed..I just want my MA so I can get my pay raise and spend my cerebral power on something better.

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