Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is not my problem

Today I was a bit proud of myself for not behaving the way I normally would. My favorite coffee shop was mysteriously closed this afternoon so I walked to the Connecticut Muffin next door. I sat down in the only open seat and then looked over and noticed that sitting next to me was this guy who had hit on me the week before and given me his phone number in the other coffee shop (I don't think I need to tell you that I did not call him.)He had remembered seeing me at school apparently and had talked to me for a really long time and he actually seemed like a nice, smart person so I felt bad for not calling him. It made me feel really uncomfortable to be in such close proximity to him, but then thought, why should I let some man make me feel uncomfortable or prevent me from sitting down when I need a seat? I didn't hit on him so it's not my problem. Why should a man being physically attracted to me be something to make me feel bad or make me change my seat? So I just kept sitting there and pretended I had no idea who he was and just didn't look in his direction. In the past I would have went somewhere else and gotten really self concious.

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