Friday, January 16, 2009

thursday. old friends made new.

I had drinks and dinner with my friend S last night whom I had not spoken to in awhile. I actually got back in touch with her when I did some sort of emailing blizzard to every person I was out of touch with that I wanted to get back in touch with. It's kind of sad how people drift in and out of your life so quickly in NYC. I totally forgot why it was we became friends in the first place: she has an anxiety disorder quite similar to mine and doesn't date men despite the insistence of her family.
She told me about how this guy she had a weird friendship with emailed her and how she had a panic attack over it, or how sometimes she avoids phone calls and it was like, ah yes, there are other people like me out there in the world.

Despite going to bed Wednesday night at like 5:00am, I managed to get up and make an 11:00am interview. I was however tired and dehydrated but the interviewee said I had a lot of impressive experience.

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