Thursday, June 4, 2009

* 00:17 I love walking alone in the rain late at night when all the shops are closed and the streets are quiet, "Running Up That Hill" on my ipod. #
* 00:32 whoo, Over 100 people now voluntarily read the self absorbed garbage I post here, amazing. #
* 01:08 now that Anne Hathaway is going to be in Shakespeare in the Park this summer, there's no way I will be able to get tickets, for shame! Lame #
* 01:09 I'd have to camp out with tourists and crazed Devil Wears Prada fans just for a performance that would probably involve being rained on. #
* 01:10 I have zero plans this summer as I was too busy to make any, I am really lame. Need some plans, Now! #
* 10:05 I found out three of my coworkers, through their own admissions, also have anxiety disorders, made me feel better. #
* 10:55 @jhustwit Sure, thanks, send away. #
* 10:56 I had a dream my brother moved to NYC and got into my grad program and everyone acted like he was a genius and I was a worthless moron. #
* 10:58 Kirkus will either pay me 97% of what they owe me within two weeks or 100% within 75 days, I'm tempted to take the 97%. #
* 11:10 I have a whole week of paid vacation next week..impromptu trip somewhere? #
* 14:26 all irritated and annoyed, falling apart. #
* 18:03 @TheUndomestic When I was physically attacked on the subway a man came and helped and told the man to take his hands off me. #
* 18:06 my new peacock feather bag's lining already ripped apart, my laptop screen has a crack in it, why am I so gifted at breaking things? #
* 18:06 I'm gifted at destroying relationships too, I am like Kali. #
* 19:48 there's this woman with a shaved head who hangs out at the tea lounge that has a map of the world tattooed on her head, walking globe, cool. #
* 21:02 so while I was sitting in the tea lounge some guy sitting next to me asked me where the woman with the tattoo was. I said, what? #
* 21:02 Turned out he had found my twitter and recognized me from it, how weird and random. #

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