Thursday, June 4, 2009

our very public lives

So weird. I'm sitting in the tea lounge fixing my resume, and maybe like an hour ago I wrote a twitter about how a woman with a shaved head in the cafe had a tattoo of the world on her head.

Then some guy comes and sits by me and is clicking away on his laptop. He says "Excuse me?" I ignore him, because I always ignore strange men when they try and talk to me. He says it again so I look over at him, he says "Where is the woman with the tattoo of the world on her head?" I say "What?" And then he turns his laptop around to show me the screen and shows me that he's reading my twitter.
I said, wow, how did you find my twitter?
He says, I searched the phrase 'tea lounge.'
It's still weird that in the dark (the lights are all turned out in here) he could recognize me from my teeny tiny photo in which my bangs are covering half my face.


I guess it's the price I pay for documenting my life online. People are bound to find me.

I hope he doesn't start following me on there.

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