Friday, June 5, 2009

6/4/09 01:21 am
Went to Tea Lounge after work to get writing done, but wound up just reading my copy of the new Cat Power biography instead, liked reading about her arriving in NYC at the same age as I did and going to all the same bars and venues I went to.

My coworker coincidentally was also there (Brooklyn is a small town) and she sat by me along with some guy she was with, we made plans to celebrate the end of the semester. I was overly exhausted and not excellent social material at all. Walked hone in the pouring rain listening to the Chromatics cover of "Running Up That Hill" a song I associate with long late night summer walks through eerily quiet Brooklyn streets, I felt strangely happy and at peace.

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Janet Jarrell said...

Have you listened to Feist? I think she may have some influence - very Cat Powerish m- well worth the attention...

Have no idea how I stummbled onto you - but think your journal of sorts is good company.

Cheers fron North of the border passport needed now of course!