Sunday, June 1, 2008

I will confess: I got teary eyed at the Sex and The City Movie.

So I saw the Sex and the City movie on Saturday, something I have already been unduly criticized for, especially from my friends of the male gender. I bought four tickets for my friends and I a full week in advance and then my (dear) pal Sarah and I stood in line for an hour to make sure we got good seats front and center, and then fought off anyone who attempted to take the seats we saved for my other pals.

So yes, the movie's plot is meandering and messy, and full of little small half hour television show sized problems that vanish in twenty minutes. And Jennifer Hudson is a bit annoying, but her role wasn't that great to begin with.

But I will admit I got teary eyed at the end of the flick. As did Sarah. As did many girls in the audience, including some who were full on crying. Despite its materialism, and it's cheesiness, it struck a chord in me. I am a girl who shipped off to New York City in my twenties, who has never had a boyfriend, and who has a large group of girlfriends who all kvetch about men. I can identify, I lack Carrie's shoes and income, but it still relates to my life in the end. There was just so much love between best friends in that movie's audience, it was a powerful feeling, all these girls joined together and bonding.

And I still contend that the show (and film) are feminist, not a terribly intellectual feminism but feminist nonetheless. I was particularly pleased with Samantha's statement that she's tired of her life being centered around a man. Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie all encounter pitfalls with the men in their lives but everything is okay in the end because they have each other.
Remember the episode where Charlotte says "How about the men will be just for fun, and we'll be each other's soul mates?"
How can you not love a show with that kind of message?

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Anonymous said...

I'll probably rent it and watch with my sister-in-law someday. I never watched the show until it was on cable reruns, and I haven't seen that many episodes, but it would be kinda fun to see the movie someday. :)