Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The trouble with shoes

I have an interview tomorrow so I bought these wedge heel shoes that are grey and purple with polka dot bows, because I realized I already destroyed the other pair of girl shoes that I bought. I am not a girly shoe person. I like boots with an atheletic heel, so if need be I can run from an attacker or perhaps on to a soon to depart subway train or kick open the back doors of buses. New York City is a tough place, you cannot make it on wobbly Manolos. Heels hurt my feet and prevent me from speed walking, why wear them? I bought my first pair of high heels last month and took them off my feet within an hour because they hurt so much. How do you ladies do it? I'm not very good at being a girl. Plus my feet are 10/11, not girly girl Cinderella sized, rather monster sized, but they let me run fast and kick hard so I don't complain.

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