Monday, June 2, 2008

New Kids on the Block and Embarassing Celebrity Crushes

So my friend Paul asked me to go see the New Kids On the Block reunion show at Madison Square Garden. I actually was saddened to admit that I never liked them the first time around, I mean even at the age of seven I knew what sucky manufactured music was and knew somehow that liking it was bad.

Secretly though, I envy my friends who liked them, who still have NKOTB merchandise shoved in the back of some closet somewhere, who went to concerts with all their best girl friends and had crushes on the "band"'s members. I don't have any embarassing celebrity crushes, or any embarassing CDs in my collection. I feel gypped in a way, like there isn't any nostalgia for me. Once an Irish friend of mine was having drinks with me in a seedy bar and she said "Okay, most embarassing celebrity crushes." So I told her everyone going back to age seven. And she said "None of those are at all embarassing, there must be something worse." But there's not. I used to like Garbage and Shirley Manson, is that embarrassing?

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