Monday, May 12, 2008

The newest band in my Ipod, The Long Blondes

One of my closest Brooklynite friends is in the process of convincing her long lost true love from high school to relocate to New York from their remote Massachusetts home. In an effort to do so, she has been plotting an extensive parlay into the cultural offerings of the city and asking me--the girl who can never spend a night in--to aid in the planning.
One problem is how little her and I actually pay to see live music, which was suprising to me considering how live music was a weekly aspect of my schedule as an undergrad (but I worked at the college radio station and got more than my fair share of guest list spots.) But really, the only time I go to see bands is when in conjunction with one those infamous dance parties (Mondo, TisWas, Rated X) or at many of the fabulous outdoor concerts New York offers.

But a band I have been really getting into lately are The Long Blondes, sort of spacey, sort of dancey, kind of like Blonde Redhead with a new wave beat. They're coming to Greenpoint's Studio B on the 15th. Can't wait.

So far we have that and the Slipper Room for burlesque on the agenda, with a possible trip down to Love on MacDougal, which is where I once spent one of the best Valentine's Days of my life, dancing all night with fabulous gay men dressed as cupid.

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