Monday, April 27, 2009

My weekend

Studied French grammar in LES Whole Foods. Was Planning on doing homework all night but instead went to loft party in Williamsburg with Erin, filled with Parisian artists, I got to practice
my french despite me being drunk and not so adept. Later went dancing at place on Bedford Ave and 1st St, Ate part of an empanada from a guy selling it out of a cooler when Erin's crazy German friend insisted. Slept at Erin's.

Slept at Erin's until 1:30, was kind of hung over so went home and slept until 7.
Met coworker at Moroccan restaurant, even though I was supposed to meet D and Mel.
Coworker gossiped about guys at works and made jokes about them.
Ate too much food and danced with Belly dancer. Ended the dinner smoking hookah and sharing a dessert, actually felt a buzz from the hookah. Had an excuse to wear my flapper dress and feather sequined headband, I don't have enough excuses to dress up. Sat in the open air drinking red martinis. Poor Mel was waiting for me for three hours, we caught up in Dark Room and Max Fish, stupid boys kept asking about my headband.

Went to Economy Candy to buy old fashioned candy for sis's birthday, the obeses shoppers and my dislike for suits dissuaded me from buying anything fun for myself. Ash called, we went to the river bank and I did my homework laying on the grass. She pointed out lots of "fit" guys playing soccer. We drank beer at Schiller's and she later cooerced me into going to a gelato place even though I wanted something with cheese. Finally went and studied more French.

Accomplishments this weekend: Zero.
Must get to work.
I am a sucker for warm weather and social interaction.
Why can't I learn to spend more time alone?

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