Thursday, April 23, 2009

MA woes.

I found some French novels and memoirs at Tea Lounge and realized I could pretty much read all of them straight through. However, I realized today that my language exam material will be using philisophical pieces, not novels or memoirs, meaning it's going to be pretty hard for me to pass it. I mean, Barthes is pretty confusing even in English, you take an essay of his on semiotics in a foreign language and I'll be luck to understand half of it. The only way I will pass is if I manage to magically become fluent in reading French by next week.

I am never going to officially graduate! Urrrgh. It's absurd because I finished all the classes required in December '07 (I took too many classes at once and finished them all in three semesters). It's so ridiculous. I told my friend D and she was like "Don't say never, I mean you know, in ten years you might have it." So lame. I wouldn't care if I had only gone one semester, but like, I did all the coursework plus three extra classes. What a waste.

I have been so stagnant in terms of life progression for like a good five years now, it's so frustrating, why can't I be more ambitious and confident?

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