Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Concert and CD Reviews

I'm a little sad that summer is already slipping away, I'm already regreting the many outdoor concerts and movies that I missed out on. I think the summer just got off to a slow start due to the rain, and I never got back onto my usual culture vulture track. However, I did manage to review a few shows and (great) albums. Here's a sampling:

My summer music reviews:

CD Reviews:

  • Starlight Mints/ Change Remains

  • Diane Birch/Bible Belt

  • John Vanderslice/Romanian Names

  • Girl in a Coma/ Trio B.C.

    Reviews of River to River Shows:

  • Connor Oberst and Jenny Lewis at Battery Park, July 4th

  • Here We Go Magic, July 3rd River to River
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