Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Party

Sunday night C and I went to an Oscar party at the Greenhouse in Soho. We both got glammed up, putting on red lipstick and black dresses. I wore my sequined ostrich feather headband, which I really don't find enough excuses to wear. There was a two hour open bar and freebie gifts.

While we had fun, the show itself seemed a little dull, though perhaps it was the din of the overflowing room we were seated in. I found it strange that for the awards this year they opted out of video clips for best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress instead opting for a showering of compliments from prior winners, I like the clips. Hugh Jackman also seemed like an odd choice.

We were seated next to a middle aged woman who seemed very out of context with the rest of the youngish crowd, wearing glasses and a baggie winter coat, eating saltines out of shopping bag along with her free drinks. She then circulated the tables snatching up the left over freebies from tables that hadn't bothered to put theirs away, moving through the crowd even to just snatch up free green pens. C and I both said that perhaps we will be like that in twenty years time.

Afterwards we dashed through the cold to the Waverly Restaurant where gobbled down burgers beneath headshots of 80's hasbeens.

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