Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a charming coincidence

yesterday while on the F train going to Broadway Lafayette I was sitting and listening to a Tegan and Sara song on my ipod. Then at Delancey I noticed a girl get on the train and stand in front of me, she had some plastic thing in the outer part of her ear so I did a double take, wondering if she was deaf. Then I looked at the girl's face and realized that it was Sara/Tegan standing in front of me (I can't tell them apart, but I think it was Sara.) I stared at her, she stared back so I just smiled and resisted the urge to ask her if she was in town for a show.
That's one of the weird things about New York, there really is a chance the person you're playing on your ipod will magically materialize. I think if it had been Cat Power that had magically appeared I would have let out an audible yelp of surprise.

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